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For Contractors

Purlieus Consulting is an accountancy practice with offices in Cheltenham and London, however, we serve clients all over the UK

Our team is a mixture of accountants and legally trained personnel, who have worked with contractors for a number of years. The business objective is to provide expert advice delivered by a great service based on a personal relationship with every client.

Working with Purlieus Consulting will ensure that you will have a fuller understanding of the options available and can be confident that you have chosen to work with industry experts who are fully qualified to manage your accounting and tax affairs.

Purlieus engage with industry experts who often specialise in a single aspect of the whole service to ensure that you receive the best service.

What we do:

If you are looking for a reliable, approachable and proactive accountant that will help you succeed, you have come to the right place.

It is important that you give consideration to the options available to you, enabling you to make the best decision for your situation and this is where Purlieus can help, advise and deliver.

We understand that as a contractor you want to get on with what you do best but you also need to understand the options available to you in the way that you provide your services to the end client.

There are two options for contractors;

Contract through your own Limited Company

Operating through and administering your own Limited Company, with support from Purlieus Consulting, is surprisingly simple. It is also the most tax efficient way of working. It is a common misconception that working this way is a complicated task, this really is not the case.

The set up is simple – we will incorporate your company and communicate with HMRC and Companies House for you, you then open a company bank account, set up your QuickBooks account and that’s it. We will always be on hand to offer advice so feel free to contact us.

PAYE Umbrella Company

By using a PAYE Umbrella Company, you are an employee of the umbrella company. Your agency enters into a contract with the Umbrella Company for your services and you enter into a contract with the Umbrella Company.

Purlieus Consulting are able to offer you this service.

Our Services

If working through your own company is the right option for you we offer all clients an all-inclusive fixed fee accountancy package, which includes depending on the contractor’s needs:
  • Company formation
  • Assistance with opening bank account
  • Guidance on IR35 & advice
  • Year-end accounts
  • Corporation tax
  • Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House
  • Quarterly VAT Calculations
  • Payroll bureau
  • Dividend administration
  • Support with Annual Returns
  • Personal Taxation
  • Free bookkeeping software
  • Tax investigations insurance

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As the owner and director of a Limited Company you have the choice of taking either remuneration from the company or being paid a dividend (or a mix of both). Having your own company also means you have the flexibility to bring your spouse or partner into the business.

Setting up and running a personal limited company is generally the most tax efficient route for a contractor and also has a number of other advantages.

Purlieus Consulting operates best practice to provide contractors with a quality and robust service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our services and offering.

QuickBooks (Free)

Purlieus offers all clients FREE QuickBooks Accounting Software to provide state of the art online accounting software for its clients.

By using QuickBooks we can view your up to date bank statements and company finances which means that this avoids the confusion of unnecessary spreadsheets, documents, receipt filing and emails.


QuickBooks combines everything you need in one space:

  • Dashboard – shows all your bank balances, sales and order pipeline in one place
  • It integrates with major online banks to provide us with up to date banking position
  • Create, send and track sales invoices from your mobile on the go
  • Receive supplier invoices electronically direct into your account
  • 24 hour online support

Request your FREE QuickBooks software now.....

This comes with FREE support via telephone and video guides

photodune-11592288-accounting-mTax Investigations Package

For £10pm you can protect yourself from the costs of a HMRC investigation.

Year on year HMRC is targeted to increase revenue from tax compliance to reduce the tax gap, which currently stands at £34bn. In order to achieve these targets, HMRC is investing an extra £800m on compliance activity, with £300m specifically set aside to target SMEs and High Net Worth Individuals.

HMRC continue to develop and harness more sophisticated technological capabilities; the risk of an enquiry is a reality.

Access to your personal and business finances is more readily available to HMRC, giving greater transparency into your financial affairs.

Please contact us today to get yourself protected

An enquiry can generate significant costs in professional fees; we recommend that you subscribe to this fee protection package to meet the cost of your defence in the event of an enquiry.

As part of HMRC’s strategic plan, they are building an Enterprise Data Hub to house all the information they collect from other government agencies, banks and building societies and numerous other external institutions. This will allow tax officers to see everything about an individual in one place and enable closer scrutiny of Tax Returns. To ensure this information is followed up and acted upon, 46% of HMRC’s workforce is now engaged in enforcement and compliance activity.

Our Tax Investigations Package offers businesses and individuals protection to ensure that in the event of an HMRC enquiry all your professional fees are provided for. The cost of protecting against such financial losses is a fraction of the likely costs incurred during an enquiry.

The average HMRC enquiry lasts 19 months. The cost of professional fees to defend an HMRC enquiry often exceeds £5,000!

Our Fee Protection Package offers:

  • Full representation to HMRC on your behalf including handling all correspondence and interaction, including attending any 1-1 meetings
  • Comfort and peace of mind that we will fiercely defend any enquiry into you or your business